Thermal-Hydraulics Demo COMPETITION


  • Calling all makers!
  • Calling all coders!
  • Compete in the design of an educational demo for teaching thermal-hydraulics and nuclear reactor engineering concepts to be used for the NE 411 course.

There will be two prizes:

  1. A modeling demo, 1-2 participants per submission, $200 prize.
  2. A physical demo (a small experiment, or a visual demo), 1-3 participants per submission, $300 prize.

Judging criteria:

  • Identification of learning objectives and educational goals: did you identify a clearly stated and highly relevant learning goal for the students?
  • Effectiveness of demo design in demonstrating the learning objectives: is the demo a useful teaching tool?
  • Quality in the implementation of the design: does the demo work well?

You have to submit an abstract any time during the Fall semester before the submission deadline. Recommended word count: 500 words. Submit to Juliana Pacheco Duarte at

  • For coding submissions: indicate any license or computing needs that you need to work on your demo – we will try to meet your needs.
  • For physical demo submissions: (1) indicate a rough budget needed, we can provide supplies up to $100 per team (note: we will not process reimbursements for supplies). (2) indicate if you need working space or any specific resources – we will try to meet your needs.

Competition judges will provide comments on the submitted abstracts.

Submission deadline: December 20th, 2016 at 5pm, in 930 ERB. All demos (coding and physical demos) must be submitted and demonstrated in person by at least one of the members of the team.

More information:

Thermochromic paint picture

[Thermochromic paint and ANSYS simulation demonstrating thermal diffusivity]


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