The Integrated Research Project (IRP) titled Nuclear Science, Technology, and Education for Molten Salt Reactors (NuSTEM) funded by DOE NEUP started in October 2017, as a collaboration among Texas A&M University, University of California Berkeley, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW). The NuSTEM project involves five technical mission areas (TM) and one educational mission area (EM). The areas to which our groups contributes are highlighted below.

  • TM 1 Material and Corrosion Science – UW (Couet, Sridharan, Scarlat) & Texas A&M
  • TM 2 Chemical Sensor Development – UW (Scarlat)
  • TM 3 Modeling, Multiphysics Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification
  • TM 4 Thermal Hydraulic Science
  • TM 5 Chlorine-35 (n,p) cross-section measurements
  • EM educational tools to prepare young professionals to work on MSR development and safety analysis. – all PIs

Upcoming events and conference presentations related to this project: